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Wildfire West - by Mike McMillan

467 photographs of hotshot crews, smokejumpers, emergency firefighters, aircraft and equipment. Includes wildland fire terms glossary, additional reference info. "26-years of fire seasons in a 2 pound book" is how author and wildland firefighter Mike McMillan describes "Wildfire West" - his first published book, and the first offering by Spotfire Images Press. Those in the wildfire business will enjoy this photo-archive of high-resolution images photographed from 1988 to 2014. "Western wildfires and our efforts to control them are part of a unique American experience. In this book, McMillan depicts contemporary wildland firefighting in full-color, bringing the reader to the firelines."

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The Author

Mike McMillan

From 1988 to 2015, I've fought about 300 wildfires as an emergency firefighter (EFF), a United States Forest Service Hotshot, and a Bureau of Land Management Smokejumper. Today I'm a task force leader and information officer, living in Boise, Idaho, with my family. Throughout my career I've resolved to photograph our experience to honor those who fight wildfires, and to vividly remember those who've perished in service to our country.

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"Wildfire West is the finest pictorial I have ever seen, capturing elements of the drama of the world of wildland firefighting. It does a great honor to the fire program. Perhaps most importantly, it highlights nuances of the camaraderie of the bros in moments of action, dirt, dogged tiredness and mirth. I don't have much smokejumper memorabilia on display in my home. But having this book on hand makes it possible to visually explain to the average joe how to approach fire and what goes on in a firefight. This book is really unsurpassed. Loved the layout. What a cast of characters!"

Ken Franz - American Smokejumper from 1975 - 2007